• Linking the Human Experience to Value

    This post is the result of a collaboration with Luke Soon.  Many customer experience transformations stall because leaders can’t show how their efforts will create value. Customer Experience Managers that patiently build a business case that quantifies the value of their work will secure buy-in, build internal momentum, and ultimately obtain
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  • Building Customer Loyalty Through Employee Advocacy

    Today, I'm pleased to share a guest post by Jeanicka Rhey. Navigating the intensely competitive business landscape of today has made it increasingly challenging for businesses to capture and maintain customer attention. That’s why companies nowadays are recognising the utmost significance of customer loyalty for their long-term success. Amidst this
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  • The Benefits of Orchestrating Customer Journeys

    I’ve always found CX case studies hard to come by. Organizations tend to play their cards close to their chests when it comes to the challenges they’ve faced, how they tackled them, and what the results were. It’s why I jumped at the chance when I was recently offered the
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  • Deriving Insights From Feedback Pt 2

    I’m pleased to share the second post in this series on deriving insights from feedback. This one was also co-written with Dan Heilbron, Head of Customer Experience Advisory Services, Asia-Pacific and Japan at Qualtrics. In our last post, we took you through a great tool to determine if two variables are
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  • Hot-desking Isn’t Crash Hot

    I listened to a wonderful episode of one of my favourite podcasts, Cautionary Tales, this morning. Titled Office Hell: the Demise of the Playful Workspace, it told the story of the highly successful US advertising agency Chiat/Day who in the early 1990s remodelled their office space to do away with offices and cubicles
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  • Building A Great CX Team

    It was my great pleasure to co-author this post with Nate Brown, Senior Director of Customer Experience for Arise Virtual Solutions and founder of CX Accelerator. (more…)

  • Deriving Insights From Feedback

    Today I'm pleased to share a post that was co-written with Dan Heilbron, Head of Customer Experience Advisory Services, Asia-Pacific and Japan at Qualtrics. A relatively simple way of deriving insight from customer feedback is through correlation analysis. Correlation analysis is a statistical technique that aims to establish whether a pair
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  • The 7 Customer Needs

    This post first appeared on the ICMI blog in February, 2022. I started my career in my early 20’s working in the residential contact centre of a phone company. I’d just finished a marketing degree and, upon the advice of my father, I entered the business in a customer service capacity.
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  • Overcoming The Great Resignation

      The pandemic and the resultant time spent working from home whilst societies were in lockdown has made millions of people re-evaluate the psychological contract they have with their employers. They’ve been considering what they’re receiving in return for their time, skills and effort and deciding it’s not equitable. What
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  • Complaint Management – What, Why & How

    Complaint management – the effective handling of customer complaints within an organisation – is a hot topic right now. Go to any online newspaper and search for “customer complaint” and you’ll inevitably find stories on banks, airlines, telco’s, and fast food companies to name but a few. Effective complaint management
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