Customer Experience

Strategy Formulation

  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Brand Definition
  • Touchpoint Strategy

    Employee Engagement

    • Corporate Culture Assessment
    • Employee Feedback Programs
    • Scorecard Assessments
    • KPI Development
    • Recruitment
    • Communication Programs
    • Change Management

    Customer Experience

    • Customer Experience Evaluation
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Customer Experience Design
    • Service Design
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Voice of the Customer Programs
    • Technology
    • Analytics

    Online / Digital Presence

    • Thought Leadership Campaigns
    • Social Campaign Management
    • Web Content Development
    • Blog Series / Article Development
    • Targeted B2B Advertising & Campaign Management
    • Social Media Presence Management

    “After struggling for more than a year to implement a credible objective assessment of customer satisfaction levels for the services offered by our IT Service Desk, CXpert provided us an end-to-end integrated solution within weeks.

    Aside from the significant benefits of providing an empirical measurement for customer satisfaction, working with CXpert also challenged me to take my Customer Service leadership to a new level.

    I thoroughly recommend engaging CXpert to gain a truly fresh look at your employee engagement and customer experience. My only regret is that we didn’t engage them earlier and save all that wasted time!”

    - Sharon, IT Customer Service Manager, Energy sector.

    ABOUT CXpert

    CXpert is a consulting company that helps clients grow by placing the customer at the centre of everything they do. We design, implement, and operationalise customer experience solutions that drive positive business outcomes such as more engaged staff, higher retention rates of customers, and greater profits.



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